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Enriching the Dining Experience with Digital Signage   The last two years have been a considerable challenge for restaurants to overcome. Customers are more discerning than ever when it comes to what they look for when dining. Low-tech chains are being overtaken by businesses willing to deliver a modern twist. The idea is to giveContinue reading “Strengthen Your Dining With Digital Displays”

One of the challenges of any restaurant or cafeteria is the need to keep menu items and prices updated. This is especially the case for cafeterias that may have different menu items depending on the day and time. Traditional menu boards don’t allow for cafeteria management to quickly and easily modify menu items and prices.Continue reading “REACH is Partnering With Popular Cafeteria to Streamline Menu Boards”

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., thanks to recent legislation in many states allowing for recreational use. Because of new plant variations and price changes coming out nearly every day, it can be difficult for dispensaries to properly track and share this information with customers.

In an effort to provide a better patient experience, Methodist Hospital recently underwent a major renovation to update its cafeteria and dining services. REACH has been a long-term digital signage provider to Methodist Hospital powering over 100 screens across their medical campus and clinics. When it came time to add digital menu boards, partnering withContinue reading “New Menu Boards Greet Patrons at Methodist Hospital”

Recently, Brookview Community Center, located in Golden View, MN underwent a significant remodeling project to update its popular facility. Brookview Community Center offers a large number of amenities including wonderful event space, a bar & grill, an indoor playground, golf and lawn bowling and much, much more. This renovation project was completed in late 2018Continue reading “New Brookview Community Center Gets a Digital Signage Upgrade!”

Are you looking to add digital signage for schools to various locations around your school? If so, you likely are already aware of the many benefits of using digital signage software from a provider like REACH Media Network. Below we’ll highlight some of the most popular locations where our customers in the education industry oftenContinue reading “School Locations for Digital Signage”