Display real-time sources and content to multiple screens per wall instantly through our cloud-based software. With a video wall display controller, REACH’s video wall software allows for unlimited use of our apps, content, and more to ensure outstanding visual presentation.

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Layout Design Flexibility
Animated Backgrounds Available
Pre-Schedule Content and Templates
High-Quality Content Options
High-Resolution Video Capabilities
Unlimited Zone Configurations
Multiple App Functionalities
Custom Screen Designs
Unlimited Support and Training


An entire wall of screens will grab your audience’s attention over one single digital screen. Content, visuals, and the ability to add in multiple outlets of communication are just a few reasons why companies are starting to invest in video wall software. Based on your content needs, we work with you to decide which communication tools will work best.

Companies use digital video walls for multiple reasons. Below are five examples of why facilities are moving towards this product, in addition to their current digital communication tools. 

  1. Social Media Boards: Active on social media? Use more than one outlet to promote your organization? No problem. Bring your content to life utilizing a video wall. Display multiple feeds at once, allowing viewers to see posts of their choice — pictures, news information, job openings, you name it — your audience can choose which information pertains the most to them, and more than likely, ensure they are following your social media sites on their personal devices.
  2. Multiple Content Outlets: Schedules, facility information, and cable channels are a few ways companies are customizing their video walls. Multiple screens mean multiple content outlets, where you are able to show different content per display, making it incredibly helpful to tailor to multiple audiences. Best part? Only one player needed.
  3. Full-Screen Visuals: Being the most popular option, digital video wall displays tend to impress viewers with large-scale graphics and videos displayed on multiple screens to create a digital visual that goes beyond the current size of a single sign display. For example, main lobbies can project striking visuals that even include live TV onto their video walls.
  4. Interactivity: Embed touchpoints into your signage to bring your audience into a virtual reality. Use touchscreen(s) to enhance your wall by bringing your viewers from a flat to interactive world.
  5. Data Communications: Integrate your scheduling software right onto your video wall. Use one or multiple screens to display the most up-to-date information for your viewers. Because of the larger display space, you are now able to showcase large amounts of information that can be visible to multiple people at the same time. Less wait time equals a happy customer!


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