When planning for the next school year, many schools are beginning to adopt digital signage solutions for K-12 campuses. Education-based signage solutions offer a flexible solution that can be used in a wide number of use cases. Whether it’s serving the student body, communicating with parents, or sharing important info with staff, digital signage can be tailored to fit any need! Not only that, but digital signage is also hardware agnostic, meaning it can likely work with hardware you may already have laying around. If not, REACH is also a hardware supplier for clients. With REACH, we will work with you to determine the scale of your project and recommend a player based on your needs.

Of course, many displays are incomplete without a few apps to help flesh it out. With apps, you can showcase content from third-party platforms, expand your signage functionality, and introduce dynamic elements that give viewers a reason to return. Similar to the rest of your display, these apps can be updated in real-time to ensure the most up-to-date information is reaching your audience. If you need a custom integration implemented into your displays, reach out to your account manager or our support team to determine the possibilities. In this article, we will go over some of the most common signage practices we see clients employ in K-12 schools. If you need more inspiration, check out our resource page for more digital signage tips & tricks. Otherwise, you can click the button below to begin talking to a digital signage expert.


The most common location we see schools place their displays are within hallways between classes, sporting facilities, and office areas. These signs are often meant to convey important info and promote school events. Placing them within high-traffic areas such as hallways guarantees the maximum amount of eyes reach your display. Such promotions are typically showcased through our most popular app: the playlist. Through the playlist, you can take content from your media library and arrange them in a specific order that fits your communication objectives. Within these playlists, schools can choose to highlight student accomplishments, promote after school clubs/sports, remind students of important deadlines, and get them excited for upcoming field trips and events. This is just a small sampling of what schools can promote using digital displays. Knowing that digital signage captures 400% more attention than static displays and has a recall rate of 83%, students are more likely to respond well and remember the information being shown.

Of course, simple playlists aren’t the only thing you can do with your displays. With digital signage, you can have a cohesive communication experience that provides multiple engagement points through a single display. For instance, playlists can be the main content with vibrant slides that promote your objectives. From there, an animated calendar with vertical scrolls can showcase the important details for each upcoming event, such as time, date, and location. This provides a quick, succinct way to check on information. If there are any clubs or events with registration deadlines, a QR code can be placed alongside other content so students can quickly scan and take action. Through just this simple use case, endless possibilities open up!

school library digital signage


Outside of hallways, cafeterias are where we see the next most transformative effect. Digital signage has been a natural fit for menu boards since its inception due to its added capabilities. Using our data list tool, you can create menu and pricing spreadsheets and clearly display all the information your students need to make informed decisions. But with the power of digital signage, you can take this concept even further. Photos and HD videos can be included to tantalize taste buds and give students an idea of what they can expect. To address health concerns, nutritional information as well as allergy guidelines can also be shared to these screens to raise awareness and ensure safety.


It is important to communicate not only with your students, but with staff as well. Throughout the day, staff will come in and out of the teacher’s lounge for breaks, supplies, and information. You can add to this experience with digital signage. Your internal displays can work similarly to your student-facing displays, but with a more teacher-centric focus. Important dates can queue teachers into student pep-rallies, field trips and events, and testing weeks. Grading deadlines can also help remind teachers to perform certain tasks and get ahead on some objectives. Internal social media channels can also be linked to encourage communication between staff. Ultimately, this is a place where teachers will come for reprieve, so including apps that help them relax is also beneficial. Including live TV options or news feeds can energize teachers. Regardless, including signage in these areas can bolster your internal messaging.

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Digital signage is all about the unorthodox. Sometimes the things you wouldn’t even think of can be great applications for digital signage. For example, transportation. Using satellite apps, schools can leverage digital signage to show traffic routes paired with weather conditions. From here, bus drivers can use these radars to determine the best traffic routes for getting students to and from school safely and sufficiently. 


As you can see, there are many applications for digital signage in an educational setting. The ultimate strength of digital signage is its flexibility. By employing multiple of the types of signage discussed here, you can create a cohesive signage experience that encourages learning. As time goes on and you become more familiar with the CMS, you can even begin implementing more advanced solutions, such as interactive touchscreens!


Many facilities will begin changing their signage approach with the start of Spring. With that in mind, we HIGHLY recommend reaching out to your account manager now if you want free spring content, interactive integrations, or other signage implementations. While the process itself should not take too long, we do like having time to test the connection and ensure stable connectivity. Additionally, if any issues arise in that time, our support team can quickly sort them out. For more information, click the button below!