Pre-Designed Templates

Creating each asset from scratch can be a difficult and time-consuming process. That is why REACH offers a diverse collection of preset templates to help get your content off the ground. Our system features a range of templates that can be formatted for both mobile and landscape displays, with categories such as employee spotlights, anniversaries, birthdays, and more!

Customized Layout Designs

REACH features an easy-to-use layout editor that allows anyone to create professional-looking designs that will turn heads towards your signage. A wide variety of apps and vast customization features allows the layout editor to fit any business in any industry. You can also enlist the aid of our design team to create stunning layouts that fit your branding guideline.

KPI Data

Track your company’s progress towards its goals and motivate your team to continue striving for success through integrated KPI Data. Analyzing your KPI’s can help your business evaluate its current standing and assist in formulating future strategies and goals for the next big project. Displaying your KPI’s will also help your team remain focused on the tasks at hand.

Safety Content

REACH and Sixty Seconds of Safety have partnered to create a vast library of safety videos and resources that ensures your facility is a secure place. Whether it is the office or production floor, this hand-drawn content will educate employees on proper health and wellness protocols. Videos are up-to-date with the latest in safety procedures and easily understandable.

News Stories

From sports to entertainment to world events, an informed workplace can help your staff make smart decisions that further your business objectives. REACH’s News app can pull the latest headlines from a variety of news outlets that can be displayed on your signage. An assortment of customization options makes it easy to ensure only relevant articles reach your viewers.

Live Streaming

Bring everyone closer together through REACH’s live-streaming functionality. Stream in out-of-office workers for your next meeting, or host webcasts for your next live event. Regardless of the application, live-streaming provides a seamless way to connect with those who may be unable to attend. With new WebEx and Zoom integration, it is now easier than ever to connect!