Boost internal communications and employee morale using our digital signage software for your corporate company communications. Provide safety alerts, team member recognition, scheduling information, or promote operational efficiency with our easy-to-use content management system. Seamlessly integrate your existing KPI information or a third-party data source to automate metrics to your staff. With the benefit of digital signage solutions, employee communications at corporations can vastly improve.

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If you’re looking to better foster communication among your organization, corporate digital signage for company communications may be a good idea. Not only does digital signage allow you to quickly disperse information throughout your organization, but thanks to a variety of features built into digital signage software from REACH, you may also be able to increase productivity and boost engagement of your internal content as well.

Better Engage With Employees Using Digital Signage

Employees are constantly bombarded with information daily. Whether it’s in the form of social media, email, phone calls, or other means of communication, it can be hard to compete for your employee’s attention. Stop sending company-wide emails that rarely get read; instead, invest in corporate digital signage solutions that allow you to quickly distribute information throughout your company.

Corporate Digital Signage

There are many ways to use corporate digital signage for company communications, including:

  • KPIs – Easily display key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure everyone within your organization is on the same page.
  • Announcements – Think of digital signage as a virtual whiteboard where you or your employees can quickly post events and announcements that need to be distributed throughout your company.
  • Promote Company Events – Use corporate digital signage solutions to keep employees up to date about upcoming events by embedding an interactive calendar within your digital screens. This calendar can be modified manually, or you can tie it to a cloud-based calendar, which can be updated in real time.
  • Emergency Alerts – There are times when emergency messages need to be quickly distributed to your employees and digital signage can provide a centralized way to get this information out as quickly as possible. Our digital signage software interfaces with several emergency alert systems to help automate this process.
  • Recognize Your Employees – Running a business can be exhausting. Many managers and business owners appreciate their employees, but often don’t always take the time to let them know. With corporate digital signage for company communications, you can recognize key employee achievements and important dates such as work anniversaries, birthdays, and other important dates to help show your employees how much you truly appreciate them.
  • Building and Staff Directories – Digital signage doesn’t have to just be for your employees. If you have a facility where clients come to visit, why not use digital signage to help them navigate your facility?
  • Provide Live News Updates – If your employees congregate in certain areas of your facility, you can use corporate digital signage solutions to provide live news updates as well as weather forecasts to keep them informed regardless of how busy their day may have been. You can even provide real-time traffic options to help with commute times as well.

Benefits of Corporate Digital Signage

There are so many benefits to investing in corporate digital signage for company communications, a few of which we’ll cover below:

  • Wide Array of Content Apps & Apps – When you partner with REACH, you’ll instantly gain access to many apps that will allow you to create high quality and useful corporate digital signage solutions that can all be managed in-house. Should you run into any issues, our expert digital signage support team is always just a phone call away.
  • Free Product Updates and Tech Support – Because our digital signage platform is completely cloud based, we’re constantly releasing new features that are instantly added to our platform and available to you. All these features are completely free to you. Additionally, we offer free tech support to get you started with your digital signage content as well as throughout your time working with our company.
  • Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software – All of our software is cloud-based, which allows you to access it from anywhere if you have an internet connection. You’ll gain access to an easy-t-o-use dashboard that will allow you to modify the content on all your digital screens at once.
  • Mobile App – Not only do we offer a wide array of digital signage solutions, but we also offer our REACH Mobile App, which can allow you to disseminate content to your employees wherever they are, if they have access to a smartphone.

Try Out Our Corporate Digital Signage & Streamline Your Company Communications

Have all the benefits and features of digital signage that we’ve listed above piqued your interest? If so, our team would love to schedule a free demo where we can show you the many ways you can use our corporate digital signage solutions within your organization to better connect with your employees.

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