Can Digital Signage For Employee Communication Improve Productivity?

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Employee Communications Digital Signage & How it can Increase Productivity

Why Invest in Employee Communications Digital Signage?

Digital signage software has expanded to include many tools that can simplify your internal communications process. Different apps and integrations allow many companies to convey a wide variety of information in a concise manner. This can go a long way in terms of making sure everyone is on the same page. However, you may still be wondering what the benefit of investing in employee communications signage is? After all, emails can convey a large amount of information too, right? If you are looking to try it out for yourself, click here to sign up.

Well, not quite. According to a recent PoliteMail study, only 37% of employees actually read emails from their employers. Comparatively, digital signage has a recall rate of 83% and garners 400% more views than static media. With this in mind, it becomes evident that employees are naturally more drawn to digital signage announcements than traditional methods. Digital graphics and dynamic videos are naturally more eye-catching than an email with lines of text. Additionally, interactive elements encourage engagement in new and exciting ways. Leveraging employee communication digital signage to display useful information can go a long way toward improving workplace productivity.

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Types of Employee Communications

Employee Highlights

One of the most common employee digital signage practices is displaying employee highlights. Digital signage for employee communication involves recognizing the accomplishments of your staff. Demonstrating that your organization is aware of and appreciates the hard work they put into the company. Doing so also gives your staff a chance to be heard. This can cultivate a healthy workplace culture built on respect and inclusivity. As a matter of fact, seeing their peers recognized through digital signage also encourages other employees to work hard as well. The result is an overall increase in employee productivity.


Employee Feedback Systems

Using advanced tools such as QR codes can allow you to engage your employees in new ways. For instance, a QR link can bring employees to surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires that companies can use to improve working conditions. This not only provides employers an easy method of gauging overall employee sentiment but also gives staff a chance to voice concerns. Again, this also contributes to a company culture built on inclusivity. Using this information, management and staff alike can work together to build a more productive working environment. Based on the responses, employers can also use the information to eliminate potential detriments to employee productivity

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Key Performance Indicators

Employee communication digital signage also benefits from powerful integrations. Once you have an electric signboard up, you can integrate a PowerBI account that will display a variety of KPIs through your signage. This information is extremely useful to your team as they can see what areas they could improve on as well as where their strengths lie. As a result, they can adopt new strategies on the fly that will allow them to better serve their clients or meet production deadlines. This is a great way for employees to hold themselves accountable and encourages them to meet their goals in a more productive manner. In turn, management can focus on other projects instead of the moment-to-moment tasks of their team.

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How to Start Now

As shown, digital signage for employee communications not only increases productivity but can boost morale as well. A more productive workplace makes employees more confident in their abilities and happier to perform tasks. You can begin with smaller initiatives, such as employee recognition posts and QR codes, and slowly expand your integrations to include KPIs or even interactive elements. To start your digital signage journey today, click the link below to request a free demo and start your 30-day free trial!