Getting Your Digital Media Player Online

Connect a Player to REACH

You have your designs in place, your strategy has been well researched,
and your hardware just arrived in the mail. The only thing left now is to
ensure your players can get online so your signage is displayed properly.
There are different ways to achieve this step depending on the hardware
you are using. That is why we put together this guide detailing how to get
our most popular hardware options synched to your internet and CMS

Reconfiguring an Existing PC

If you plan on using your own hardware or an existing PC for your
signage, follow these steps for proper setup.

  1. Download Google Chrome and set that as your default browser
    for the PC dedicated for digital signage.
    This link brings you to our webpage with a “Download Now”
    option to put our software on your PC. Please Download and
    run https://cdn-
  2. Your PC should restart. You’ll see a white screen with
    autoconfiguration numbers. These numbers allow us to register
    your PC with the digital signage. Use the template below to plug
    in ID #1.
    REACH://(ID 1)
    Example: REACH://12345678910
  3. Please contact REACH Support if problems or questions arise
    during this process. Support: 952-944-7727

Connecting a REACH Device

If you purchased your hardware directly from REACH, follow these steps
to get your player set up.

  1. Connect the PC to the designated TV screen via HDMI cable (TV
    input should be HDMI 1, 2 or 3)
  2. Plug the power cord that was included in your box into an outlet
    and make sure the PC is powered on.
  3. Connect the PC to Internet via Ethernet Cable or Wi-Fi. If
    connecting via Wi-Fi see letters a-c
    a. The remote keyboard that came with your system has a USB
    chip in the top right-hand corner that should be taken out
    and inserted into the PC. If you did not order a remote
    keyboard, please use an existing one or a wired keyboard by
    connecting the USB to the player.
    b. The keyboard command CTRL + ALT + Q exits the digital
    signage software and brings you to the computer’s desktop.
    the software is designed to keep running – so you may need to hit CTRL + ALT + Q more than once
  4. Connect to the Wi-Fi as you would any other computer
    If you see a “Register Network” message, please check your internet
    connection again.
    If you see a “No Connection to TeamViewer” message, hit “Cancel” and
    check your internet connection again.
    If you have any questions or trouble during this process, please call
    Support at 952-944-7727

Fire TV Stick Configuration

If you still have not set up your Fire TV device and this is your first time,
please see this link for reference:

  1. Open the Amazon App store on your Firestick TV. Download the
    Reach App onto your Firestick.
  2. This will bring up a set up page. On this page there will be an ID
    number (bottom right of the screen, in a box) This number
    needs to go into the autoconfiguration field in the players tab of
  3. Your Install Coordinator or the Support Team can enter this in
    for you. Please give us a call here at Reach and we can get this
    taken care of!

BrightSign PC Configuration

BrightSign players are state-of-the-art players that can fully utilize the
power of REACH’s online software. The setup for these is a little more
involved, so please reference the steps below to complete the process.

  1. Plug your SD Card into your computer.
  2. Go to,
    download the latest firmware for your model
  3. Open the firmware folder when downloaded, copy all files from that
    folder to SD Card. If connecting via Ethernet AND DHCP, skip to
    Step 7. If connecting via Wi-Fi and/or Static IP, see below.
  4. Go to and click downloads in the upper right hand
  5. Find your model and download the BrightSign Author.
  6. Launch BrightSign Author and click “Tools” in the left hand menu
    corner, click Set up Brightsign Unit.
    a. Check “Enable Wireless” (Wi-Fi)
    i. Put in SSID and Security Key(Password)
    ii. Change Time zone if needed
    b. If using Static IP, see below.
    i. Click on wired and on the right, check the bubble Use
    the following IP address.
    ii. Plug in IP, Subnet mask, Default gateway, and DNS.
    iii. Click OK and then click Create Setup Files at
    the bottom. Make sure they are being saved to the SD
    iv. Plug in your BrightSign unit without the card in
    so you get the logo, IP and Mac address.
    v. Put the card in and it will quickly go to a screen
    that say Standalone unit complete, you can remove
    the card.
    vi. Take the SD card out and reboot the
    BrightSign unit. Once it loads up you should see it has
    the new Static IP.
    vii. Skip Steps 8-9 below if Static IP
  7. Take SD Card out of computer and plug SD into BrightSign.
  8. Wait for a white BrightSign screen
  9. Take the SD Card out of BrightSign and put back into the computer.
    Unplug Brightsign to power off and plug in again.
  10. Clear the SD card (Delete all files)
  11. Put the Autorun.brs file on the SD Card
  12. Take SD Card out of computer and put back into the BrightSign
  13. Wait for White REACH Screen to show up. Copy/Write down the
    last 4 digits of ID
  14. Put the last 4 digits into the Autoconfig area in player properties in
    CMS ( If it doesn’t pop up as a result, try
    putting whole ID number in. If you don’t have access to CMS yet,
    email/tell me the ID number and I can do this for you.

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