Digital Signage Solutions Built for Any Screen

Digital Signage Solutions Built for Any Screen

When most people think of digital signage, they think of large digital signs that are often seen in business, retail establishments and other locations. At REACH we want to make it clear that we’ve created digital signage solutions built for any screen. In this blog we’ll showcase a few of the many ways our partners are using our digital signage software to increase engagement and foster communication.

Why REACH Digital Signage Can Be Used for Any Screen

Below are just a few reasons why our digital signage can be used on a wide array of different screens and devices:

  • Hardware Agnostic – REACH digital signage software can be run on a variety of different hardware devices, which makes our platform highly attractive for our partners who are looking for the ultimate in flexibility.
  • Outdoor Digital Signage Displays – Add interactive elements to an outdoor venue thanks to outdoor digital signage displays powered by REACH. Think about the possibility of being able to add interactive digital signage to outdoor venues to increase engagement.
  • Video Wall Displays – If you’re looking to power a large video wall, you’re in luck as our software offers full support for video wall displays. Video walls allow you to truly make a statement as large as you’d like all powered by our interactive cloud based digital signage software.
  • REACH Mobile App – When we said our digital signage solutions are built for any screen, we really meant it! That includes mobile app screens as well. We offer our REACH mobile app which allows your users to download an app to receive notifications and stay up to date about any events or promotions that you may be offering.

Top Notch Support for Your Digital Signage

Regardless of how many features your digital signage may have, if you don’t have support to deal with any issues, then you could be in a world of trouble. At REACH, we offer free technical support to deal with any issues you may be dealing with as you work with our digital signage software. This instant connection to our top notch support team should have you confident that you can deal with any issue you may encounter as you look to create high quality digital signage.

Ready to Give Digital Signage a Try

If you’re looking to learn more about how our digital signage solutions can be beneficial for all types of screens, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 952-255-6296. We’ll be happy to setup a time to show you a free demo of our digital signage software.

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