Digital Signage Software and Content Management Solutions

The past ten years have seen a proliferation of technological advancements, making it frequently difficult to keep up; fortunately, we have digital signage software in this fast-moving world. To improve communications strategies, companies search for innovative and improved ways to engage with their existing customer base daily to expand their customer base and, subsequently, their sales and profits.

In that case, REACH Media Network provides precisely what you require to have intensive interaction with the customer in a variety of different methods. In addition, through your partnership with REACH, you will have the chance to make a substantial investment in digital signage software as well as content management, all of which have the potential to take your organization to the next level.

The Capabilities and Advantages of the Digital Signage Software

You will have complete control over not only the content that is displayed but also how the information is presented, thanks to the intuitive signage software. Also, rest assured that our interactive software supports real-time modifications, which means that if something does not appear as it should, you will be able to adjust the signage in a flash.

Maintain communication with customers with the schedule, newly added menu items, social media, news, or maps. This browser-based digital signage software can function by using our basic templates for people who do not want to deal much with the signage CMS software, or it can be modified to match the needs of those who are hands-on with their business signage. The fact that you are in complete command at every stage is crucial to keep in mind.

Product Choices for Digital Signage Software Include:

Interactive Digital Signs

Touch screens are an excellent addition to public spaces such as health centers because they allow people to quickly access important information such as timetables, maps, and instructions. One can even sign up for a class directly from the touch screen, in addition to printing or emailing the information.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications take advantage of the fact that mobile phones have evolved into minicomputers in recent years. Make the most of the fact that you can now engage with your customers on a far more personal level than in the past. Our mobile app is very customizable, and it gives you the ability to send information in real-time directly to the device’s user.

Menu Boards

Get rid of those old, handwritten menus that make your establishment look archaic and invest in a modern digital menu board instead. Thanks to the available content management signage software, you can focus on featured or on-sale items while storing menu items.


iPad or Tablet: Establish a connection with your clients by granting them use of your tablet so they may examine the office schedule or navigate to the various rooms in a larger building.

Team up with REACH Media Network today to better connect with your customers through our digital signage software and content management. Speak to one of our representatives at (952) 944-7727 to learn more.

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