College Digital Signage Solutions

From making on-the-fly edits on your computer that is instantly sent to screens to broadcasting important campuses, emergencies learn how college digital signage can help you improve the way you communicate with students, staff, visitors, and alumni.

Let’s face it. Flyers that are taped to doors and windows are no longer the most effective way to get your message through to the student body on the campus. If something cannot be viewed on a screen in this day and age, it is quite unlikely that it will be watched. Joining the digital “revolution” and putting digital signs to use at your university is something that should be done right now.

By utilizing the REACH digital media network, you will be able to easily and promptly bring your messages to the attention of the whole staff and student body. Your messages are entirely modifiable, giving you the ability to use them in a variety of contexts, such as providing information, promoting your brand, entertaining others, and sending out alerts in case of an emergency.

You Should Consider Implementing College Digital Signage on Your Campus Because:

  • LCD screens are installed in the dining halls to display the menu information; any modifications that are made are updated instantly on the screens.
  • LCD panels in the campus bookstore provide information and advertising messages pertaining to the bookstore.
  • Utilize the system to disseminate information about the university that the students require, such as information about the campus or the weather.
  • The use of a Jumbotron in amphitheaters and arenas for sporting events
  • Use digital signage to earn cash via sponsored university-approved advertising.
  • College Digital Signage software that is both simple and dependable in its operation

No prior knowledge of computer science is necessary to navigate our web-based system, which is not only simple to operate but also adaptable enough to fulfill all of your requirements. We guarantee that our system will be online 99 percent of the time, and if a problem arises that is beyond our control, we will collaborate with you to find a solution. In conclusion, our content management software was developed specifically to make it simple for you to manage all of your college’s digital signage screens.

If you go to any modern college campus, you will see that the majority of students are occupied in some way or another with the most recent technological gadgets that have been manufactured. They depend on these devices for everything from information to enjoyment, and that goes for anything from their cell phones to their MP3 players to their tablet computers. REACH Media Network is able to assist you in providing your students with the necessary information about the campus by utilizing technology that your students are familiar with and enjoy using, as well as by employing customized messaging.

REACH Media Network can be reached by phone at 952-944-7727, extension 208, or via email at If you would like more information on digital signage for colleges and how customizable messages can benefit your campus, or if you would like to discuss other opportunities, please call us.

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