The upcoming Church Network National Conference is right around the corner, and presents an opportunity for church communities and professionals to come together to show off the latest tech, strategies, and initiatives centered around fostering their parish. Additionally, many parishes will promote their own events in an attempt to grow their flock and hopefully receive donations that can improve their facilities and provide benefits for visitors. Digital signage for churches can play a vital role in bolstering church events and growing communities. Especially through our integration with eSpace, churches across the nation can seamlessly manage events and schedule volunteers and services right from within their digital signage portal.

eSpace is a facility management tool for churches that allows each parish to schedule events, volunteer shifts, services, and manage certain assets. Churches can add as many users as they need to eSpace, allowing the workload to be split amongst members. This can drastically cut down on overall stress for your community members, and streamlines the event planning process. When integrated with a dynamic digital signage system, you can display these schedules and calendars to your displays in order to get more eyes on them. This can fit seamlessly with the rest of your content, or you can employ full-screen takeovers to ensure no one misses out on your events! Depending on your use cases, you can also utilize these strategies to bolster internal communications by letting staff or volunteers know what shifts they will attend, what events they are needed at, and where they will be located. This will contribute to a more cohesive and efficient workflow that allows your parish to focus more on their mission and less on the technical aspects!

Of course, if you haven’t taken the plunge into digital signage, or need help getting this integration off the ground, REACH has you covered. As both a hardware reseller and software provider, REACH’s comprehensive knowledge of the industry will ensure you can meet your goals while creating excellent content. Additionally, you will be assigned an account manager who will help you each step of the way, as well as have access to our 24/7 support network. If you’re interested in how REACH can help bolster your community engagement, click the button below to contact us, today!


Many facilities will begin changing their signage approach with the start of the Church National Network Conference. With that in mind, we HIGHLY recommend reaching out to your account manager now if you want free spring content, interactive integrations, or other signage implementations. While the process itself should not take too long, we do like having time to test the connection and ensure stable connectivity. Additionally, if any issues arise in that time, our support team can quickly sort them out. For more information, click the button below!