Benefits of Digital Signage and Media Software

Looking for an inexpensive way to separate your company from the competitors? This day in age there is so much competition within any industry that it is imperative that you get a leg up on those other companies that you compete with on a daily basis. REACH Media Network has just the solution for you! Our team specializes in providing you with state of the art digital signage solutions as well as easy to use digital media software. With this upgrade, you will be able to better connect with your customers and achieve your financial goals. Stay up to date with technology that can be customized for your application by partnering with us!

Ways to Use our Digital Signage and Media Software

  • Business Announcements – Whether it is a new product launch or another business announcement, our easy to use software gives you the ability to customize the announcement. Or, you can use any of our pre built templates.
  • News and Weather – Let the digital signage grab your audiences attention by showing news, sports, or entertainment updates as well as weather. This can be focused locally or nationally and is a great way to keep customers engaged if they have to wait for your service.
  • Social Media – One of the largest and newest marketing tools can be done through using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Scheduling – Use our tool to keep your office schedule and calendar more organized. Now, all staff members can be on the same page with timing thanks to the digital signage you invest in.
  • Wayfinding – For the larger facilities, this software allows you to show interactive maps helping your customer find where they need to be within your building.

Making Life Easier with Integrated Communication

If you have multiple digital signage throughout your office space, our software allows for you to stream the same message across the signs, or you can customize each one separately. The purpose of our software is to make life easier for you, to provide less clutter by getting rid of all the wasted paper, and better integrate your customers and employees with the business goals.

Take the next step with your business by partnering with REACH Media Network for all of your digital signage and media software needs. Call us today at (952) 944-7727 to learn more!

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