Adding Video Content to your Signage: Why it’s a MUST!

In today’s world of digital signage, a screen without video is like a TV without color-it lacks the animation and dimension needed to engage your audience, as well as communicate your message effectively. Whether you are looking to feed an important message to your members or team, or simply catch your customer’s eye, the engagement videos can bring your your screen will bring more appeal to your other announcements rotating through your screen.

To dive in deeper, here are a few reasons why to ensure you include video within your digital signage software:

Videos bring action

“Action” doesn’t always mean getting your members or customers purchase a new product or service-the action can be very simple. You may want your members to turn in a registration form on time, or direct patients within a waiting room to the sign-in window. About 50% of the time, your users will take some sort of action after viewing a video ad.

Videos increase retention & understanding

Videos increase the viewer’s understanding of your message by an incredible 74% over static images. In order for your members or customers to purchase your product/service, they need to envision how it will work for them-convenience and enjoyment is key.

Videos bring emotional associations with your facility/company

Videos have a greater chance of conveying emotion than text of a static image as they use more of our senses-like dynamic sight. Think of an ad-any ad-first on to pop into your mind. Out of the millions of ads you’ve seen in your life, the one that surfaced your mind did so due to it made you feel something: happiness, security, or even anger or fear. The strong emotional appeal can have a magnetic effect on viewers of your digital signage.

Videos are more attractive

Video is motion graphics-when something moves, we look at it. The simplest argument for using video is that it grabs attention. When you’re sitting in traffic and the digital billboard on the side of the road is displaying animated text, you’re likely to watch and read the message. The billboard with the single, static advertisement that you’ve seen hundreds of times is more likely to be ignored. Instead of glancing, like you do to the static billboard, you watch the moving billboard. This is a huge benefit to the content creator of the billboard. Moving images are the ideal medium for obtaining audience attention and holding it long enough to deliver a message.

Videos simply just work!

Videos work. They capture attention, hold it and leave the viewer with a distinct, memorable impression. All available data backs up those claims. If you’ve invested in REACH’s digital signage, keep in mind-adding video within your static content will allow you to make the most of your content management system. Your messages deserve the best!