Monthly Archives: February 2022

Making Memories That Stay Vacations, business trips, family reunions. Whatever your guests are visiting for, hotel digital signage can help enhance their stay and create long-lasting memories that position your business as the “go-to” spot to return to! In this document, we will go over creative strategies that will boost your customer experience and makeContinue reading “Key Digital Signage Strategies & Tips for Hospitality”

QR Codes in Action QR codes are an increasingly popular way to add utility to your signage. By displaying a QR code, you can turn any display into an interactive touchpoint without implementing devices such as touchscreens or kiosks. Effective use can boost engagement and instill a deeper connection to your brand. However, QR implementationContinue reading “How QR Codes Add Utility to Your Digital Signage”

Streamlined Content Creation REACH has launched 2 new updates that will improve the Data List and Announcement creator for all clients. A “vendor integration” option was being listed in the “Transport” dropdown menu of the data list application. This caused some confusion for clients, so the option has been removed. Custom integrations can still beContinue reading “Improvements Coming to Data List & Announcement Creator”

Feeling the Love Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, meaning it’s the perfect time to show appreciation for the things we love. And at REACH, we love digital signage! But when you love providing clients with creative digital communication solutions like we do, it can be hard to narrow down what makes digital signageContinue reading “5 Reasons We Are In Love With Digital Signage”

Keeping Your Content Rotation Fresh Creating new content for a target audience is a difficult task that requires extensive planning and multiple draft revisions. When you finally find something that resonates, it would be a shame to use it only once, and constantly generating new content for every campaign may not prove to be sustainable.Continue reading “Reusing Old Assets in Your Digital Signage”

Preparing for 6 More Weeks of Digital Signage Today is the infamous Groundhog Day, which means Punxsutawney Phil woke up to let the world know we will be facing 6 more weeks of winter. Whether or not this is good news for you, it can serve as a reminder to marketing professionals that it isContinue reading “Groundhog Day & Digital Signage”