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If you’re looking for unique ways to present compelling information to your target audience, you shouldn’t discount the versatility of Digital signage. At REACH Media Network, we’ve been providing digital signage CMS software for decades and have a number of unique uses that may surprise you. Read on to learn more about our top 5Continue reading “Top 5 Uses for Digital Signage CMS Software in the USA”

Companies have been using digital signage for quite some time, but few have taken advantage of the many mobile marketing options that come with certain software from providers like REACH Media Network. At REACH we’re constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to utilizing the latest in digital signage technology. One technology that is gainingContinue reading “Digital Signage with Mobile Marketing Options”

A recent partner came to REACH Media Network not for our digital signage expertise, but for assistance with a mobile app. This restaurant owner currently has 18 locations and was having a difficult time connecting with a younger workforce. This younger generation posed new communication challenges because they are more focused on their cell phonesContinue reading “REACH Partnering With Restaurant Owner with 18 Locations”

Digital Signage for California Schools | Elementary, Middle, High School & College Elementary, middle, high school and college schools looking to improve campus communications should look to invest in digital signage for schools. Thanks to digital signage for California schools, educational institutions can greatly enhance the learning experience for students in a wide variety ofContinue reading “Digital Sign for California Elementary, Middle, High School & College”

REACH Media Network has now partnered with Sports Engine to provide data to a variety of teams and youth sports organizations. Sports Engine is a leading sport relationship management (SRM) software that allows athletes, coaches, parents, and sports organization administrators to better communicate.

Communication is critical in any organization. Not just in terms of communicating with customers, but with employees as well. Employee Communication Digital signage allows companies to better engage their employees in a whole host of different ways. At REACH Media Network we offer interactive digital signage to boost employee communications.

One of the challenges of any restaurant or cafeteria is the need to keep menu items and prices updated. This is especially the case for cafeterias that may have different menu items depending on the day and time. Traditional menu boards don’t allow for cafeteria management to quickly and easily modify menu items and prices.Continue reading “REACH is Partnering With Popular Cafeteria to Streamline Menu Boards”

When most people think about adding turnkey digital signage to their organization or location, they’re overwhelmed by all the details that have to happen before the first piece of content hits the screen. At REACH Media Network, we started noticing this problem with some of our partners and in turn, have started to offer anContinue reading “Turnkey Digital Signage”

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., thanks to recent legislation in many states allowing for recreational use. Because of new plant variations and price changes coming out nearly every day, it can be difficult for dispensaries to properly track and share this information with customers.

Communication can be extremely difficult in the workplace, but with the help of employee communications digital signage you will be able to easily create and send content to your screens. Organizations of all types have to be creative when it comes to engaging with their employees. One way that can “bring your employees together” isContinue reading “How Power and Improve Employee Communications Using Digital Signage”