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Gone are the days where most churches were simply large sanctuary’s with stained glass windows and a pastor giving the week’s message. Today, church services are much more of a multimedia experience from the moment a churchgoer enters the building until the last song is blared through a high quality sound system. One way thatContinue reading “Visual Communications For Churches”

Does your organization have a hard time quickly disseminating information to all of your employees? While email is always an option, sometimes you want to make a quick announcement and instantly put it in front of as many “eyeballs” as possible. Digital signage for internal communication offers a great way to quickly announce important informationContinue reading “Digital Signage Internal Communication”

At any school, getting out information to students and staff as quickly as possible is vitally important. Whether it’s an emergency, or simply to keep students and teachers updated on current events, having a centralized system to display important information is vital. This is where the right digital signage solution comes into play. At REACH,Continue reading “Finding the Right Digital Solution For My School”

If you’re looking to take advantage of digital signage at your school, it’s important to better understand the type of content that will be most useful for your students and staff. At REACH Media Network, we specialize in a variety of digital signage screens for schools and would be more than happy to show youContinue reading “Most Popular Content for Digital Signage Screens at Schools “

At REACH Media Network, we’ve been in the digital signage industry for quite some time. Since we’ve been in business, we noticed that certain industries are often taken advantage of when it comes to integrating new technology. The education sector is most definitely one of those industries that is often exploited when it comes toContinue reading “Are You Paying Too Much for Digital Signage at Your School?”